Ilinca Păun speaker in Iasi at the ninth Power L@unch edition

parteneri Power L@unch nov.2015 - WIDE

The main speaker at the new Power L@unch edition that will take place November 26th, in Iași, is Ilinca Păun, Managing Director Colliers International | România, who will make a series of correlations between the ITC industry, generation Y, green buidings and education.

„The young people today want a lot more freedom, a lot of creativity, they want to feel like home in the office. Generation Y has an entirely different set of values and has distinct bahaviours compared to previous generations. During Power L@unch we discuss in Iași about how we can tranform an office in an extremely engaging work environment, so that overall company productivity increases.”  – Ilinca Păun (see video )

Power L@unch is a biannual event for opinion makers from the regional ITC industry and the academic environment (see Facebook event page )

The event will start at lunch with an informal business lunch reserved exclusively for the opinion makers in the IT & Outsourcing industry and the academic environment. In the afternoon, in the „Mihai Eminescu” Aula in the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University from Iasi, Ilinca Păun will hold a public conference, starting from 4pm. The conference, at which both economy and computer science students and university professors are expected, will be transmitted live.

Organizer: Dan Zaharia, Senior Leasing Consultant, Extind

Partners: Levi9, Ness SES Romania, Aquasoft, Wiron, Travis Corporate & Events, Scoala Informala de IT, Train2Perform si Colliers International.  With the support of „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University Iași and the most actively involved student organisations: AIESEC, ASII and BEST.

Translation realized by Cristiana Grigoriu


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