PIN 2016 – Regional IT & Outsourcing Industry Awards

logo PIN 2016 ENG-edit_vertThe most dynamic industry in Moldova will have, starting this year, a performance award gala.

In 12th May the first edition of the Regional IT & Outsourcing Industry Awards, entitled PIN 2016, will take place in Iași. (

These awards will address the IT and Outsourcing companies, the university environment, the student associations, related services (training, recruitment, foreign language courses), relevant non-governmental organisations.

The event wishes to celebrate the development of the industry on a regional level and to highlight its positive impact on the community. The PIN Awards will be annual and aim to honor the established companies and firms, the innovative start-ups, the bold entrepreneurship in the region, the relevant community events, as well as sustainable projects of the academic environment.

The gala night will be wrapped up by a show of the group Divertis, graduates of the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers, Polytechnic in Iasi. The event will be transmitted live.

With this opportunity the regional magazine of IT&Outsourcing will be launched, which will be called PIN Magazine and will have, at the beginning, a trimestrial frequency.

“As far as North-East Romania goes, an event to draw attention to the dynamism of the IT&Outsourcing industry was missing. In spite of the fact that this industry will exceed 30.000 specialists in 2030, according to recent studies. PIN Magazine, the industry magazine which will be launched during the event on May 12th, becomes thus a relevant communication platform on the specialist community, specific events and the newest technologies.“ (Dan Zaharia, Extind)

Details on the jury members, award sections and rules for signing up and award judging will follow soon. The project starts off at a regional level, but in the next 2 years, the founders plan to expand the event to other successful cities in the region.

The initiators and organizers of the regional event PIN 2016 are Dan Zaharia, senior consultant at Extind, with an experience of more than 15 years in management, sales and real estate development and Dan Radu, manager at Eurolink Promotion, having more than 20 years in mass-media and project development.


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