IASI: One plus One equals Nine, LeviNine

Levi9 relocates office to central business center of Iasi, facilitating turbulent growth and creating a great workplace for the LeviNiners.

Levi9 will open its new Iasi office at Sandru Office (Iasi, Soseaua Nationala 31). The new office will be a modern, open and attractive working environment for the 150 employees and facilitate the expected growth to 300 IT professionals in the coming two years.

„As one of the leading IT companies in the region, Levi9 has decided to upgrade its offices in a modern location. This way, they are positioning themselves in the heart of IT community with a more visible impact on its development.”
Dan Zaharia, Real-Estate Senior Consultant, EXTIND, Iasi.

Iasi has developed itself as a strong IT center within Romania recognized by many IT companies. Levi9 started it’s Iasi business in 2007 and built a solid and profitable organization of 150 IT professionals. To support the fast growth of Levi9 the company decided to expand the Iasi team to 300 professionals in the coming two years to meet the demands of existing and future projects.

The company provides services for international clients in the fields of traffic and transport, digital marketing and media, fintech, software services, retail and e-commerce. Levi9 is continuously looking for talented Java, Scala, .Net, Testers, BI Devs, DevOps, System Administrators etc.

The new office is close to the city center and will contribute to a solid positioning of the company on the IT market in Iasi. The new office has an area of 1500 square meters and the interior facilitates the agile way of working that is used by most of the clients when creating business software.

Anca Dumitriu has announced that Levi9 will fully refurbished in the followings months a new IT laboratory for the students of the Faculty of Computer Science from „Al.I.Cuza” University of Iasi.

„To support the turbulent growth of Levi9 we created a new, well situated and inspiring working environment for our employees. The open workspaces support our culture of transparency, collaboration and fun. Happy people for happy customers.”
Anca Dumitriu, Levi9 Country Manager, Iasi.

In 1994 the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 collided with Jupiter. Changing space forever. This event inspired the founders of Levi9, Menno de Jong and the Dutch Royal Prince Bernhard van Oranje. Their persuasion was that in our time, in our space, technology will make the world go round. Inspired by Shoemaker-Levy 9 they wanted to make impact. Impact on the business of their customers.

In April 2003 Menno and Bernhard, together with a trusted group of tech lovers in Serbia started Levi9. An IT services company, born to make impact that now delivers IT solutions that have a direct impact on the revenue generation of its customers. The company focuses on industries that experience strong digital disruption. The most Levi9 clients are active in the markets Traffic & Transport, Digital Marketing & Media, E-Retail, Fin-Tech, Software Services.

The Levi9 headquarter is located in Amsterdam and has 6 delivery centers in Romania, Serbia and Ukraine. In 2017 the company will have 900 employees. Although growth is not a goal on its own, the organization has an average yearly growth of more than 30% for the last three years. Growth is embraced to support the professional career opportunities for the Levi Niners, impacting the lives of their employees just as they want to impact the business of their customers through IT.



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