Coworking Spaces of Moldova – 1st Regional Meeting

Coworking meeting 2018-2

It is a privilege to host in Iasi on 26th of January 2018 at Fab Lab Iasi the first meeting of the coworking spaces from the region of Moldova. Participants will be members of the coworking spaces management or key opinion leaders.

So far, we have identified 5 locations from Iasi (RO), 5 from Chisinau (MD), 1 from Piatra-Neamt (RO), 1 from Bacau (RO) and 1 from Roman (RO).

We are still searching for coworking spaces from other important cities from the region: Suceava (RO), Galati (RO), Balti (MD), Comrat (MD), Odessa (UKR) and Cernauti (UKR). You can provide details regarding such locations on email Thx.

Full list here:

  • Fab Lab Iasi
  • The Grape Iasi
  • Hub Resilience Iasi
  • Hackerspace Iasi
  • Hubrica Iasi
  • Tekwill Chisinau
  • Armeneasca Coworking Space Chisinau
  • Generator Hub Chisinau
  • Dreamups Innovation Hub Chisinau
  • IHub Chisinau
  • Rubik Hub Piatra Neamt
  • Kult Hub Roman
  • Nest Hub Bacau

The event is here –

Photo credits – #Panovision


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