CEE Creative Nodes – CoWorking spaces report 2018


This report was realized by the combined teams of PIN Maps (Map of modern offices in Iasi, the initiative that matters in IT & outsourcing industry) and Fab Lab Iasi (a 700 sq.m co-working space opened in 2017).

Our strong belief is that the development of the co-working spaces in a city deeply connects with the economic indicators of a city/region/country. Also, the proportion between the capital city and the regional city when counting the number of co-working spaces, is an indicator of the health of that development (please note the countries where the capital has less than 50% of hubs).

As of March 2018 we counted 1.166 hubs and co-working spaces in cities with more than 50.000 inhabitants in Central and Eastern Europe (independent or affiliated to networks such as Fab Lab, or Impact Hub) and new locations are being opened every month throughout the region.

Co-working involves a working style in a common workplace, often for people working in different domains. Co-working it is also a socio-professional binder that prevents the isolation of self-employment in the home environment, leading to the efficiency of the work program and the increase in the quality of work.

In addition to hosting entrepreneurs and freelancers in common workspaces, co-working spaces also aim to stimulate entrepreneurship through sessions, events and workshops on various topics, in order to increase the transfer of knowledge to those who have an idea business and are developing or those who already have a developed initiative but need support.

Full report can be downloaded here http://coworking2018.fablabiasi.ro/ 


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