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IASI – Fiscal Incentives for Green Buildings


At the end of August 2018, the Local Council of Iasi unanimously voted for a Local Council Decision draft, approving a “minimis aid scheme” which offer tax benefits of up to 50% tax deduction on certified green buildings and energy-efficient A class.

Beneficiaries are legal entities that build „green” buildings or renovate the most part of the existing buildings. The tax incentives do not apply to certified buildings for maintenance and operation and prioritize Fully Fitted Certified Buildings, which are built or refurbished, fully finished, for a higher social and environmental impact. These elements differentiate the Local Council Decision adopted in Iasi by other minimis aid schemes adopted in other cities.

„The recently adopted minimis scheme places Iaşi on the map of green buildings and together with the „Pollution Reduction and Pollution Prevention Regulations on Sites „creates the most complete framework for the development of the green buildings sector in Romania.” – Dr. Dorin Beu, president of Romania Green Building Council (ROGBC).

The aim of these measures is the sustainable development, the urban regeneration and the environmental protection through rational and efficient use of natural resources, energy saving and the use of renewable energy sources.

„By adopting a legislation to stimulate the construction of green buildings, we are including Iaşi on the favorite destinations list of major real estate developers, with a direct impact on the development of the modern office buildings from 2019 to 2021.”Dan Zaharia, senior consultant EXTIND

The measure adopted in the Local Council is part of a wider measures plan that align Iasi with European Union requirements for increasing the quality of life in the major cities of Europe.

„Our plan contains several measures, some already adopted, such as rehabilitation and modernization investments in the district heating system, adoption of the regulations regarding the increase of the green space in the city, the protection and control of the site in construction, the purchase of low-polluting public transport, investments in the purchase of new trams and electric buses with European funds, investments in alternative means of transport – the creation of a municipal system of bike-sharing, the separate collection of waste – which started this autumn, and European funds investment in the rehabilitation and revalorization of green areas for public use.

Our city also needs other measures that are not under the competence of the local authority and the most important ones are the construction of the ring road, increase the purchase of electric transport vehicles at a national level, discourage the purchase of polluting vehicles – respecting the principle being „the polluter pays”. I trust that the measures we adopt at the local level will make Iasi an attractive city from this point of view, where the quality of life will grow and the citizens of Iasi will enjoy an environment favorizing a cleaner and healthier lifestyle”, said Mihai Chirica, Mayor of IASI.

The tax incentives will be applied for January 1st, 2019 to December 30, 2021 and are granted according to the building’s sustainability level, as follows:

  • 50% reduction of property tax, not exceeding € 20,000 / year, if the building has an A Class energy performance certificate, as well as a green building certificate for higher levels (Platinum, Outstanding, Gold, Excellent)
  • 35% reduction of property tax, up to € 20,000 / year, if the building has an A Class energy performance certificate, and a green building certificate for intermediate levels (Silver, Very Good);
  • 20% discount on property tax, not exceeding € 20,000 / year, if the building has an A Class energy performance certificate and a Green Building Certificate for levels (Bronze, Good, Certified).

EXTIND is a real estate company specialized in the rental of office buildings in the successful regional cities.

Romania Green Building Council (ROGBC) is the only organization in Romania that supports the development of the green building sector by its responsibility for the environment and energy efficiency throughout the entire life cycle of a building (from the design phase, construction to operation and deconstruction) recognized nationally and internationally. RoGBC has initiated and encouraged the adoption of tax incentives to support the development of green buildings since 2010.

E timpul să înveți ceva care te și pasionează

cover corect
Pe piața cursurilor de reconversie profesională, majoritatea jucătorilor își concentrează comunicarea în jurul oportunității financiare pe care o oferă un nou loc de muncă din domeniul IT, ceea poate alimenta creșterea fără echivalent în productivitate a nivelului salariilor din industrie.
Scoala Informala de IT lansează în această perioadă noua sa campanie de promovare centrată în jurul conceptului “E timpul să înveți ceva care te și pasionează”.
Pe vremea când eram copii, părinții și profesorii ne spuneau că notele bune, eventual chiar 10 pe linie, ne vor asigura succesul, dar în viața reală nimănui nu-i pasă de de nota de 10 pe care ai luat-o la școală acum 15 ani. Și cu toții am studiat multe lucruri care nu sunt tocmai relevante pentru ceea ce facem astăzi din punct de vedere profesional.
De aceea, credem că noua campanie este adresată celor care au motivația necesară să își depășească limitele aparente si să își urmeze pasiunea de a lucra in domeniul IT investind jumătate de an din viață doar pentru a putea să se prezinte cu fruntea sus la un interviu tehnic pe o poziție de junior.
Cursanții Scolii Informale de IT au în medie vârsta de 29 de ani, ceea ce înseamnă că sunt tineri adulți care se află într-un moment cheie al vieții lor în care ajung să știe ce vor de la viață, unde vor să ajungă și își fac planuri concrete de reconversie pentru cariera lor.
În condițiile în care Scoala Informală de IT a ajuns să asigure circa 8% din pipeline-ul anual de noi angajați cu profil tehnic din Iasi poate să asigure o schimbare de mentalitate a forței de muncă prin care pasiunea, productivitatea, proiectele interesante, impactul în comunitate, inovarea, tehnologia #MadeinIasi să fie mai relevante în consolidarea carierei decât avantaje minore, gen fructele tropicale la birou sau abonamente la o piscină mai mare.

The city of IASI, winner at the CEE Outsourcing Awards in Poland


Iasi won the title of „Emerging City of the Year” at the CEE Shared Services and Outsourcing Awards Gala, which took place on 31st of January and 1st of February 2018 in the Polish capital, Warsaw.

Iasi competed with Debrecen (Hungary), Kaunas (Lithuania), Košice (Slovakia), Ostrava (Czech Republic) and Plovdiv (Bulgaria) in the category „City of the Year for IT and Outsourcing development in Central and Eastern Europe (outside Poland)”. The award was received by Mayor Mihai Chirica, him also being invited by the organizers to be a member of the jury and, in addition, to present in a separate session the arguments of the attractiveness of Iasi for the biggest players in the Outsourcing industry at European level.

„This award, which honors and gives us joy, is still a beautiful acknowledgment of a reality brought to light by several recent analyzes: Iasi is in the top of the most dynamic cities of Romania, with a sustained growth and prospects of a healthy development, and this is largely due to the spectacular development of the IT and Outsourcing industry in the recent years. On behalf of the Iasi community, I thank the organizers of the Gala and our local partners, but especially, I want to thank publicly to the thousands of IT and Outsourcing entrepreneurs and specialists who dared to invest and develop in Iasi. I also thank to the educational environment, schools and universities in Iasi for the constant effort to generate well-trained and competitive workforce that transforms our city into a recognized IT development center at a national level and even European. As mayor, I have always supported and will support the projects and initiatives that confirm and consolidate the status of Iaşi as a city of intelligence and creativity.” said Mihai CHIRICA, Mayor of IASI.

Iasi was represented as well at the Gala CEE Shared Services and Outsourcing Awards by the CONDUENT Company (, one of the largest employers in the region and was nominated in two categories “Outsourcing of the Year (BPO )” And „Best Marketing Initiatives in 2017” for the branches in Iasi (Romania) and Lodz (Poland), as well as the FAB LAB IASI project (, nominated in the category „The best collaboration between business and university environment „.

„Recently, the CEE Shared Services and Outsourcing Awards Gala brought to Conduent Romania the nominations in the categories „Outsourcing of the Year (BPO)” and „Best Marketing Initiatives of 2017” for the Iasi (Romania) headquarters and Lodz (Poland) headquarters, nominations that honor us and make us responsible for maintaining the performance standards in what we intend to do in the future.

We congratulate the Iaşi City Hall for receiving the award „Emerging city of the Year” and its actions to create a socio-economic environment favorable to the development of creative and outsourcing industries. We are honored by the partnership with the representative institutions of the municipality and we have all the confidence that their support for the economic dynamics of the city will continue. Thanks to all of my colleagues from Conduent who made possible our nomination at the Warsaw Gala.” said Irina BUTNARU, CONDUENT Romania Country Lead & HRO Europe Operations

Also, PINmagazine, the publication of the regional IT & Outsourcing Industry (, was the media partner of the event. Other nominations in Romania were Allianz Technology – Actuarial Support Center (which also won the category „The largest single service provider”) and SCC Heroes with operations in Romania, Poland and Hungary („Recruitment of the Year”).

„Iasi thus gains a well-deserved permanent place on the short list of any major player in the global IT & Outsourcing industry looking to expand its operations in Central and Eastern Europe. It is also a confirmation for the large companies already in IASI that they have made a good choice to develop the technology community in the region.” said Dan ZAHARIA, founder of FAB LAB IASI and co-founder of PINmagazine.

More than 300 industry leaders were present at the 6th edition of the CEE Shared Services and Outsourcing Awards with more than 50 companies interested in establishing or developing business in the service industry in Central Europe. The award ceremony was preceded by a half-day summit consisting of panels, in which the topic of „Shared Services and Outsourcing Sector” was discussed in specific data sessions in the field.

Presenting both local and international media, Gala CEE Shared Services and Outsourcing promotes Central and Eastern Europe as a world class service destination for global companies operating in Europe, North America and Asia.

Central and Eastern Europe is well established as a world class destination for shared service centers and BPO investments. With Poland recognized as the most powerful area in the region, other countries such as Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania, Lithuania and Latvia are important investment destinations. Within the Gala, Shared Service Companies, Business Services Projects and Industry Professionals receive recognition awards from an industry independent jury for their contribution to the development of the business services sector in Central and Eastern Europe for the year previous.

More details about the CEE Shared Services and Outsourcing 2018 Awards Gala can be found here:

10.000 sq.m of coworking spaces in Moldova region. The complete list

spatii-cow am-01

map drawn by George Turcanasu, PIN Maps

On January 26th, 2018, the Coworking Spaces of Moldova conference took place in the coworking area of Fab Lab Iasi together with 50 representatives from coworking spaces and business incubators in the region of Moldova (North-East Region from Romania and the Republic of Moldova).

In North-Eastern Romania there are 8 coworking spaces and 6 such spaces are active in Chisinau. Also, 6 business incubators are active in the Republic of Moldova, which aim to boost entrepreneurship in the cities where they operate. The numbers that were compiled at the conference show that over the entire Moldavian region there are over 10,000 square meters of coworking spaces with over 1,200 individual work stations.

In North-Eastern Romania there are 4,275 square meters in 7 working spaces where entrepreneurs, startups and freelancers operate. In these square meters, there are 205 places ready to accommodate people and businesses in areas such as technology, IT, design, marketing, HR, art, etc.
IASI – Fab Lab Iasi (725 sqm), The Grape (450 sqm), Hubrica (800 sqm), Hackerspace (200 sqm) and Hub Resilience (100 sqm)
PIATRA-NEAMT – Rubik Hub (1,600 sqm)
ROMAN, Neamt County – Kult Hub (120 sqm)
BACAU – Nest Hub (280 sqm)

In the Republic of Moldova, active coworking spaces amount to 6,000 square meters, hosting 1,000 seats for local entrepreneurs and freelancers.
CHIŞINĂU – Tekwill (4,000 sqm), Digital Park (1,000 sqm), Generator Hub (400 sqm), iHUB (400 sqm), Armeneasca 13A (200 sqm) and Classter (3,000 sqm – in project).

In addition, incubators in the Republic of Moldova amount to 7,830 square meters and around 132 places for businesses of any kind in Nisporeni, Soroca, Singerei, Calarasi, Leova and Cahul.

Coworking space Contact City Surface
Fab Lab Iasi Dan Zaharia Iasi 725 mp
The Grape  Costina Iurașcu Iasi 450 mp
Tekwill  Maria Nemciuc Chisinau 4000 mp
Generator Hub  Dona Scola Chisinau 400 mp
Doina Iațișin
Rubik Hub  Lidia Betoaea Piatra Neamt 1600 mp
Alexandru Agatinei
Valentin Țoc
Kult Hub  Sebastian Hrib Roman 120 mp
Nest Hub  Gabriel Postolache Bacau 280 mp
Bogdan Codreanu
Alexandra Vrabie
Hubrica  Alexandru Paicu Iasi 800 mp
Hackerspace  Antonio Caciuc Iasi 200 mp
Armeneasca 13A Aliona Rotaru Chisinau 200 mp
iHUB  Olea Graur Chisinau 400 mp
Ana Alcaza
Digital Park  Andrei Nistor Chisinau 1000 mp

Besides hosting entrepreneurs and freelancers in common workspaces, the hubs also aim to stimulate entrepreneurship through sessions, events and workshops on different themes, in order to increase the transfer of knowledge to those who have an idea business and are developing or those who already have a developed initiative but need support.

Around these spaces have formed communities of people who are open to offer what they have, what they know and what they are, to help develop the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem without waiting for a direct reward. It is a new philosophy that we want to build the new model of entrepreneurship.

IASI – well represented at European level in the Outsourcing industry

nominalizare CEEOA2018_FabLab

The city of IASI, CONDUENT and FAB LAB IASI  are nominees in the CEE Shared Services and Outsourcing Awards Gala, which will take place in Poland, Warsaw between 31st of January and 1st of February 2018.

The city of IASI is nominee in the section of “Emerging City of the Year – CEE (ex-Poland)”. The organizers of the gala have invited the Mr. Mihai Chirica, the Mayor of IASI, to be part of the jury and will also have the occasion to present in a special session the key attraction points of Iasi in front of the biggest players of the European IT & Outsourcing industry.

CONDUENT (, one of the region’s largest employers in this field, is nominee in both “BPO firm of the year – CEE” category and “Top Employer Branding Initiative” category, with the locations from IASI, Romania and LODZ, Poland.

Also, the FAB LAB IASI project ( ), the biggest coworking space in the region  is a nominee in the category of “Best University – Business cooperation of the Year” for the partnership with “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi.

We want to emphasize some of the Romanian nominations at this gala besides the above three: Allianz Technology – Actuarial Support Center (Most unique services provider – CEE), SSC Heroes with operations in Hungary, Poland and Romania (Top Recruitment Firm of the Year).

PIN Magazine, the magazine of the regional IT & Outsourcing industry ( is an event media partner and will cover this event for Romania.

CEE Shared Services and Outsourcing Awards Gala is at the 6th edition and will have as audience around 300 opinion leaders, with more than 50 being international firms interested in setting up or expanding their business services centres in central Europe. The awards gala will be preceded by a half-day Summit of discussion panels covering the shared services and outsourcing sector; break-out sessions with deep insights into specific issues driving the sector.

With both local and international media organizations present, the CEE Shared Services and Outsourcing Awards Gala also promotes the CEE region as a world-class business services destination for global companies operating across Europe, North America and Asia.

Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) is well-established as a world-class destination for Shared Services centres and BPO investment. With Poland the strongest location in the region, other countries such as Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Lithuania and Latvia are important investment destinations. Global shared services firms, business services projects and sector professionals will be presented with awards of acknowledgment – by an independent jury from the industry – for their contribution to the development of the business services sector in CEE for 2017.

More details about the gala on:

Coworking Spaces of Moldova – 1st Regional Meeting

Coworking meeting 2018-2

It is a privilege to host in Iasi on 26th of January 2018 at Fab Lab Iasi the first meeting of the coworking spaces from the region of Moldova. Participants will be members of the coworking spaces management or key opinion leaders.

So far, we have identified 5 locations from Iasi (RO), 5 from Chisinau (MD), 1 from Piatra-Neamt (RO), 1 from Bacau (RO) and 1 from Roman (RO).

We are still searching for coworking spaces from other important cities from the region: Suceava (RO), Galati (RO), Balti (MD), Comrat (MD), Odessa (UKR) and Cernauti (UKR). You can provide details regarding such locations on email Thx.

Full list here:

  • Fab Lab Iasi
  • The Grape Iasi
  • Hub Resilience Iasi
  • Hackerspace Iasi
  • Hubrica Iasi
  • Tekwill Chisinau
  • Armeneasca Coworking Space Chisinau
  • Generator Hub Chisinau
  • Dreamups Innovation Hub Chisinau
  • IHub Chisinau
  • Rubik Hub Piatra Neamt
  • Kult Hub Roman
  • Nest Hub Bacau

The event is here –

Photo credits – #Panovision

Traian Luca – speaker la prima conferință din seria organizată de Clubul Fab Lab Iași

FB Club-23XI_post (1)

Traian Luca, CEO si co-fondator Gemini CAD Systems

Clubul Fab Lab Iasi este comunitatea adevăraților pasionați de tehnologie și inovație. A celor care nu vor doar să se joace în acest domeniu, ci să devină antreprenori, creatori de startup-uri. A celor care au curaj să dezvolte povești de succes, să facă în Iași lucruri relevante la nivel global.
Dacă te regăsesți în cele de mai sus, devino si tu membru al Clubului Fab Lab Iasi
Pentru coagularea acestei comunități, am gândit o serie de conferințe cu cei mai relevanți antreprenori din domeniul tehnologiei din regiune. Aceia care ies mai rar în public, însă fac o mulțime de lucruri uimitoare.
Spre deosebire de alte întâlniri din spațiul public, această serie a Club Fab Lab Iasi are un caracter exclusivist. Accesul se face pe bază de invitație nominală, care se câștigă în urma unei selecții de intenții de participare.
Pentru prima ediție, care se va desfășura Joi, 23 Noiembrie, ora 18.00, Clubul Fab Lab Iasi îl are ca invitat pe Traian Luca, CEO și co-fondator al Gemini CAD Systems.
Concret, cine dorește să participe la aceste evenimente va completa un formular disponibil online – Acolo va explica de ce se consideră îndreptățit să fie admis (studii de specialitate, proiecte la care a participat, interes pentru acest subiect).
Participanții vor fi stabiliți de către reprezentanții Fab Lab Iasi, în limita locurilor disponibile. Accesul celor selectați este gratuit.