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Indian IT Sector – a view from Romania

The speech of Dr. A.V.S. Ramesh Chandra, Ambassador of India in Romania during PIN2017 Awards Gala in Iasi, Romania

Full article in PINmagazine.ro, the printed and online magazine for the regional IT&Outsourcing industry from the north of Romania.

India is the world’s largest sourcing destination for the information technology (IT) industry, accounting for approximately 67 per cent of the US$ 124-130 billion market.

PIN2017 Awards designated its winners for regional IT and outsourcing industry

The initiators and organizers of PIN 2017 Gala events series are Dan Zaharia, senior consultant at Extind, with 15-year experience in management, sales and real estate development, together with Dan Radu, with over two decades of background in mass-media and project development.

The partners of this year’s edition were leading companies in outsourcing and IT industries, such as: SCC Services, HEG Romania, Continental, Fortech, Preh, Conduent, Ness Digital Engineering Iasi, Wiron, Galaxy Design, Toastmasters, Casa Auto Iasi, Grapefruit, Wink, Afaceri.ro, Scoala Informala de IT, Cramele Grama, Cuptorul Moldovencei, Danident.

The Gala awarded 10 categories and the winners were: UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions (Best office development), Homepod (IT entrepreneurship), Gemini CAD Systems (The IT company of the year), SCC Romania (The Outsourcing company of the year), Codecamp (Specialized conferences category), „8 hours overtime for a good cause” (The CSR initiative). „FII Practic”-ASII (The academic project of the year), Daniel Isepciuc, Ness (The manager of the year), Lenuta Alboaie – IT Faculty (The Award for entire career), Florentina Vasiliu , Conduent (The Special Jury Award)

Find all the details regarding nominees and winners on the event official website: http://www.pinawards.ro

PIN 2016 – Regional IT & Outsourcing Industry Awards

The most dynamic industry in Moldova will have, starting this year, a performance award gala. In 12th May the first edition of the Regional IT & Outsourcing Industry Awards, entitled PIN 2016, will take place in Iași. (www.pinawards.ro)

These awards will address the IT and Outsourcing companies, the university environment, the student associations, related services (training, recruitment, foreign language courses), relevant non-governmental organisations.

Full article here.


Birouri Vii – “A space for people”

Birouri Vii – “A space for people” is launching as a project meant to bring forward the IT & Outsourcing community from North-Eastern Romania, and not only, through a series of video-interviews taken within different company offices, with the very passionate people working there, as well as with those managers for whom creating a friendly and relaxing environment for their employees, is more than important.

The Birouri Vii website – www.birourivii.ro – becomes the place where stories about real people, about long term visions of the IT & Outsourcing companies, and about their involvement within the community, are brought together in exciting video documentaries.

Full article here.


Romania ranks 13th in Global Services Location index 2015

via Outsourcing Advisors

Based on this A.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index™, in 2015 Romania has significantly improved its position moving up 5 positions, and it currently ranks 13, from 18 in 2014.

  • First of all, Romania is a EU member state, so we have more simplified legal and financial issues.
  • Also the geographical location, because Romania is easy to reach with 2-3 hours flight from most of Europe’s capitals.
  • Almost 90% of the Romanian IT professionals speak English, but they are also fluent in German, French and Italian.
  • Another advantage is related to technical expertise – the IT professionals in Romania are highly skilled in a wide range of leading edge technologies like mobile, Java, etc.

Full article here.


Ilinca Păun speaker in Iasi at the ninth Power L@unch edition

The main speaker at the new Power L@unch edition that will take place November 26th, in Iași, is Ilinca Păun, Managing Director Colliers International | România, who will make a series of correlations between the ITC industry, generation Y, green buidings and education.

„The young people today want a lot more freedom, a lot of creativity, they want to feel like home in the office. Generation Y has an entirely different set of values and has distinct bahaviours compared to previous generations. During Power L@unch we discuss in Iași about how we can tranform an office in an extremely engaging work environment, so that overall company productivity increases.”  – Ilinca Păun (see video )

Power L@unch is a biannual event for opinion makers from the regional ITC industry and the academic environment (see Facebook event page )

Full article here.


The Thinslices offices in Iași awarded at the Regional Architecture Competition 2015

The prize for the best interior design project in Moldova was awarded to THE MUSEUM OF THE ELEPHANTS, a project realised by the architects team MIOLK from Iasi.

In 2014, the team at Thinslices (www.thinslices.com), charmed by this building, had the vision of a new life for the neoclassical place: a fresh and unconventional working space for the approximately 80 IT enthusiasts.

The strategic direction was to transform the drawbacks of the building into the most powerful components of the project, through minimally invasive actions: obtaining unity as regards the types of spaces and functions, a correct lighting in a building where one had to bring in electric cables for this, the spacious central corridors to be used as useful space.

Full article here.


The ITC Market in Cernăuți, only 200 km away from Iași

I will start right away with the conclusion: I consider a visit to Cernăuți should be mandatory in the agenda of every HR Manager, Delivery Manager, Site Manager in the ITC companies in Iași.

Before the development of the Economic Mission Afaceri.ro Cernăuți 2015, I knew little of the talent pool in the region Chernivtsi, that has a total population of about 2 million people, and about the office market in Kiev.

With the help of Centric IT Solutions Romania and Ness SES we succeeded in bringing Mr. Varujan Pambuccian as a main speaker, a member of the IT and Technology committee in the Deputy Chamber.

Full article here.


Why we need green office buildings in IAȘI

The city of Iași needs office buildings of minimum 2.000 square meters per level and a surface to rent of minimum 10.000 square meters each, with generous parking spaces, well connected to public transportation and to bicycle lanes, all projected, ideally, from the beginning to uphold the international or national standards for green buildings (LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, GREEN HOMES, etc.).

“The development of this real estate segment could be encouraged through the implementation of some economical incentives in the form of support measures similar with ones already implemented in other cities (e.g. Cluj-Napoca, Timișoara), however highly improved with the help of The Romania Green Buildings Council(RoGBC), represented in Iași, since the beginning of the year, by the Moldavian RoGBC branch,” states Elena Rastei, RoGBC Director (www.rogbc.org)

Full article here.

The modern office buildings are becoming the new factories of IASI

The office buildings are becoming the new factories of Iasi, the software and outsourcing factories for the entire community of our city.

In order to satisfy the potential demand on the office market, office buildings are already appearing in Iasi, offices emerging from reconversions of residential apartment buildings and hotels (e.g. UBC3 and 4), multistory commercial centers (Moldova Center), auto showrooms (Tester 1), old fabric plants (Tesatura), administrative buildings (e.g. Nicolina Business Center) or, most recently, multiplex cinemas (Palas-UBC6).

Full article here.


Transition from the software factory model to that of a R&D center with higher added value

Concerning the support oferred to the IT&Outsourcing industry, Varujan Pambuccian claims that “there are things we should keep and expand, such as tax free incomes for specialists and the freelancers’ payment method, but we need to speed up the transition from the software factory model to that of a research-development center or to services with high added value.”

“Most of the companies in this field offer outsourcing services, a sophisticated form of loan, but that doesn’t bring any added value. Today, the programmer coming out of school is a laborer in a sotware factory. I believe that college should not produce programmers on an assembly line, but rather they can be formed during high school. In universities, we should develop the future analysts and software architects. At the same time, we need people that sell highly added-value products, created by specialists, to the real markets”, emphasized Varujan Pambuccian.

Full article here.


More than 20 active IT Communities in Iasi

I recently view a video material prepared for the 2015 edition of Codecamp Romania about the IT communities in the city of Iasi.

In fact there are 23 active IT communities in 2015 in Iasi, almost double than the last time I checked back in 2012, when there were only 12 IT communities.

Full article here.


The Diplomat – Romanian Outsourcing Summit 2015 – What’s next?

Once with the opening of its Iasi-based IT Informal School and the newly opened office of RoGBC Moldova, EXTIND Management aligns the green building offer in the region to the needs of international corporate clients, by adopting the Polish model that also includes the state aid component, lacking in Romania in previous years.

„A fact is that in spite of the general opinion that Iasi and the northern part of Romania is poorly developed at the European level, the region holds significant resources for business development and investments,” said Dan Zaharia, senior leasing consultant at EXTIND Management.

Full article here.

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