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The city of IASI, winner at the CEE Outsourcing Awards in Poland


Iasi won the title of „Emerging City of the Year” at the CEE Shared Services and Outsourcing Awards Gala, which took place on 31st of January and 1st of February 2018 in the Polish capital, Warsaw.

Iasi competed with Debrecen (Hungary), Kaunas (Lithuania), Košice (Slovakia), Ostrava (Czech Republic) and Plovdiv (Bulgaria) in the category „City of the Year for IT and Outsourcing development in Central and Eastern Europe (outside Poland)”. The award was received by Mayor Mihai Chirica, him also being invited by the organizers to be a member of the jury and, in addition, to present in a separate session the arguments of the attractiveness of Iasi for the biggest players in the Outsourcing industry at European level.

„This award, which honors and gives us joy, is still a beautiful acknowledgment of a reality brought to light by several recent analyzes: Iasi is in the top of the most dynamic cities of Romania, with a sustained growth and prospects of a healthy development, and this is largely due to the spectacular development of the IT and Outsourcing industry in the recent years. On behalf of the Iasi community, I thank the organizers of the Gala and our local partners, but especially, I want to thank publicly to the thousands of IT and Outsourcing entrepreneurs and specialists who dared to invest and develop in Iasi. I also thank to the educational environment, schools and universities in Iasi for the constant effort to generate well-trained and competitive workforce that transforms our city into a recognized IT development center at a national level and even European. As mayor, I have always supported and will support the projects and initiatives that confirm and consolidate the status of Iaşi as a city of intelligence and creativity.” said Mihai CHIRICA, Mayor of IASI.

Iasi was represented as well at the Gala CEE Shared Services and Outsourcing Awards by the CONDUENT Company (, one of the largest employers in the region and was nominated in two categories “Outsourcing of the Year (BPO )” And „Best Marketing Initiatives in 2017” for the branches in Iasi (Romania) and Lodz (Poland), as well as the FAB LAB IASI project (, nominated in the category „The best collaboration between business and university environment „.

„Recently, the CEE Shared Services and Outsourcing Awards Gala brought to Conduent Romania the nominations in the categories „Outsourcing of the Year (BPO)” and „Best Marketing Initiatives of 2017” for the Iasi (Romania) headquarters and Lodz (Poland) headquarters, nominations that honor us and make us responsible for maintaining the performance standards in what we intend to do in the future.

We congratulate the Iaşi City Hall for receiving the award „Emerging city of the Year” and its actions to create a socio-economic environment favorable to the development of creative and outsourcing industries. We are honored by the partnership with the representative institutions of the municipality and we have all the confidence that their support for the economic dynamics of the city will continue. Thanks to all of my colleagues from Conduent who made possible our nomination at the Warsaw Gala.” said Irina BUTNARU, CONDUENT Romania Country Lead & HRO Europe Operations

Also, PINmagazine, the publication of the regional IT & Outsourcing Industry (, was the media partner of the event. Other nominations in Romania were Allianz Technology – Actuarial Support Center (which also won the category „The largest single service provider”) and SCC Heroes with operations in Romania, Poland and Hungary („Recruitment of the Year”).

„Iasi thus gains a well-deserved permanent place on the short list of any major player in the global IT & Outsourcing industry looking to expand its operations in Central and Eastern Europe. It is also a confirmation for the large companies already in IASI that they have made a good choice to develop the technology community in the region.” said Dan ZAHARIA, founder of FAB LAB IASI and co-founder of PINmagazine.

More than 300 industry leaders were present at the 6th edition of the CEE Shared Services and Outsourcing Awards with more than 50 companies interested in establishing or developing business in the service industry in Central Europe. The award ceremony was preceded by a half-day summit consisting of panels, in which the topic of „Shared Services and Outsourcing Sector” was discussed in specific data sessions in the field.

Presenting both local and international media, Gala CEE Shared Services and Outsourcing promotes Central and Eastern Europe as a world class service destination for global companies operating in Europe, North America and Asia.

Central and Eastern Europe is well established as a world class destination for shared service centers and BPO investments. With Poland recognized as the most powerful area in the region, other countries such as Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania, Lithuania and Latvia are important investment destinations. Within the Gala, Shared Service Companies, Business Services Projects and Industry Professionals receive recognition awards from an industry independent jury for their contribution to the development of the business services sector in Central and Eastern Europe for the year previous.

More details about the CEE Shared Services and Outsourcing 2018 Awards Gala can be found here:

10.000 sq.m of coworking spaces in Moldova region. The complete list

spatii-cow am-01

map drawn by George Turcanasu, PIN Maps

On January 26th, 2018, the Coworking Spaces of Moldova conference took place in the coworking area of Fab Lab Iasi together with 50 representatives from coworking spaces and business incubators in the region of Moldova (North-East Region from Romania and the Republic of Moldova).

In North-Eastern Romania there are 8 coworking spaces and 6 such spaces are active in Chisinau. Also, 6 business incubators are active in the Republic of Moldova, which aim to boost entrepreneurship in the cities where they operate. The numbers that were compiled at the conference show that over the entire Moldavian region there are over 10,000 square meters of coworking spaces with over 1,200 individual work stations.

In North-Eastern Romania there are 4,275 square meters in 7 working spaces where entrepreneurs, startups and freelancers operate. In these square meters, there are 205 places ready to accommodate people and businesses in areas such as technology, IT, design, marketing, HR, art, etc.
IASI – Fab Lab Iasi (725 sqm), The Grape (450 sqm), Hubrica (800 sqm), Hackerspace (200 sqm) and Hub Resilience (100 sqm)
PIATRA-NEAMT – Rubik Hub (1,600 sqm)
ROMAN, Neamt County – Kult Hub (120 sqm)
BACAU – Nest Hub (280 sqm)

In the Republic of Moldova, active coworking spaces amount to 6,000 square meters, hosting 1,000 seats for local entrepreneurs and freelancers.
CHIŞINĂU – Tekwill (4,000 sqm), Digital Park (1,000 sqm), Generator Hub (400 sqm), iHUB (400 sqm), Armeneasca 13A (200 sqm) and Classter (3,000 sqm – in project).

In addition, incubators in the Republic of Moldova amount to 7,830 square meters and around 132 places for businesses of any kind in Nisporeni, Soroca, Singerei, Calarasi, Leova and Cahul.

Coworking space Contact City Surface
Fab Lab Iasi Dan Zaharia Iasi 725 mp
The Grape  Costina Iurașcu Iasi 450 mp
Tekwill  Maria Nemciuc Chisinau 4000 mp
Generator Hub  Dona Scola Chisinau 400 mp
Doina Iațișin
Rubik Hub  Lidia Betoaea Piatra Neamt 1600 mp
Alexandru Agatinei
Valentin Țoc
Kult Hub  Sebastian Hrib Roman 120 mp
Nest Hub  Gabriel Postolache Bacau 280 mp
Bogdan Codreanu
Alexandra Vrabie
Hubrica  Alexandru Paicu Iasi 800 mp
Hackerspace  Antonio Caciuc Iasi 200 mp
Armeneasca 13A Aliona Rotaru Chisinau 200 mp
iHUB  Olea Graur Chisinau 400 mp
Ana Alcaza
Digital Park  Andrei Nistor Chisinau 1000 mp

Besides hosting entrepreneurs and freelancers in common workspaces, the hubs also aim to stimulate entrepreneurship through sessions, events and workshops on different themes, in order to increase the transfer of knowledge to those who have an idea business and are developing or those who already have a developed initiative but need support.

Around these spaces have formed communities of people who are open to offer what they have, what they know and what they are, to help develop the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem without waiting for a direct reward. It is a new philosophy that we want to build the new model of entrepreneurship.

Prima conferinta de Corporate Wellbeing din Romania


Asadar, alături de Amalia Sterescu și Birouri Vii organizăm prima conferință de Corporate Wellbeing din România.

Din ce în ce mai multe companii investesc în spații de birouri deosebit de frumoase dar oare este suficient un spațiu de birouri modern decorat ca să întreții starea de bine a angajaților? Este asta suficient ca sa-i loializezi? Ca să-i reții în organizație? Cum rămâne cu modalități de control al stresului angajaților? Cu implicarea managerilor în starea de bine și confort a angajaților? Cu presiunea competitivității? Cu absența proceselor de suport gen coaching sau mentoring? Cu comunicarea internă defectuoasă? Poate un office modern cu spații de relaxare să îmbunătățească ceea ce mai nou numim ”corporate wellbeing”?

Vă propunem în premieră o dezbatere despre strategii de corporate wellbeing, despre adaptarea spațiilor de birouri la nevoile noii generații de angajați, despre cele mai recente practici de HR de reducere a stresului angajaților și incurajării stării de bine, despre echilibru la locul de munca!

Vă invităm așadar la prima Conferință de Corporate Wellbeing care va avea loc la Iași, joi, 9 noiembrie 2017, în intervalul orar 18:00-21:00 la Fab Lab Iasi.

Detalii despre conferință aici (înscriere, preturi etc.)

Ne vor fi alături arhitecți, specialiști în Real Estate , directori de HR dar și alți profesioniști care vin cu o perspectivă nouă în zona de Corporate Wellbeing!

IT Business Destination: IASI

Article by Andreea Per published in „be BlueAir” magazine

PIN be BlueAir magazine

Although the Romanian IT market is concentrated in Bucharest, alongside Cluj and Timisoara, Iasi is starting to make a name for itself as an extremely attractive pole for this market. Ziarul de Iasi newspaper published an analysis in which it was stated that the total turnover of IT&O companies present in the city was 465 million euros in 2015.

We wanted to share with you more info on this emerging city so we asked Extind, the creators of PIN Map Iasi ( to help us gather it. PIN Map Iasi is a map that gathers office spaces and noteworthy initiatives in the IT&O local industry (airports, international flights, co-working spaces, conference rooms, etc).

IT Outsourcing

Multinational companies such as Amazon, Xerox, Conduent, Continental, Centric, Capgemini, CRF Health, Endava, GoDaddy, Levi9, Mind Software, Oracle, Preh and many others have chosen to come to Iasi and benefit from the large number of specialists here in order to create software and deliver high quality services at low costs.

“These companies chose Iasi due to a number of factors: a wide talent pool in the research and development area, an open-minded university, local authorities that support investments that slowly turn Iasi into a green city and last but not least, the available stock of modern office buildings”, says Dan Zaharia, senior consultant at Extind.

“The great reputation of the engineers from Iasi and the existence of the international airport were two of the important factors that convinced us to open Preh’s second engineering center in Romania here’’ said Jochen Ehrenberg, director for Product Development and Production at Preh.

Startups and Romanian companies here

We also asked Florin Cardasim, co-founder of the Codecamp community ( to give us a number of examples of succesfull Romanian IT companies here:

  • Romsoft, founded in 2001, develops custom software applications
  • Gemini CAD Systems, a leading global supplier of technology for industries working with soft flexible materials such as textile, composites or leather
  • SABS Software, outsourcing company for software solutions
  • Intelligent Bee, a custom software development company

As for recent start-ups, we wanted to find out from Raluca Apostol, the co-founder of Marionette Studio what is the formula they used going on their own: “Having gathered over 10 years of experience in reputable software companies as employees, we decided, together with Bogdan Apostol and Adrian Pironescu ,  to create an innovative product, an animation browser software and this is how Marionette Studio was born ( As we actually base our product on AI to automate the animation process, we could have started this business anywhere in the world. We decided to do it here, in our hometown.’’  It does look like the standard start-up formula, gather experience somewhere else and then, when good enough, start a business and innovate.

Human Resources 

With 1,100 IT graduates per year, Iasi is placed third in the country alongside Timisoara in respect of the graduate output in the IT industry (after Bucharest and Cluj). However, if we are to refer to the number of graduates in technical fields in general, Iasi is, after Bucharest, the largest training centre  (6,624 in 2015). These are joined in the employment industry by students from other neighboring university cities such as Suceava and Bacau. These numbers, nevertheless, fail to tell the entire story, as we should also mention a significant number of students who, hired during their studies, end up abandoning school and focusing solely on their jobs. If we count those graduating from adjacent fields ( economics, languages etc) and those graduating from professional reconversion schools like the IT Informal School ( ) the annual output adds up to 2800 people.

The relatively large number of students who graduate each year is not enough for the market demand, which has determined employers to compete in offering their prospective employees a wide range of benefits apart from a competitive salary. When we spoke with Raluca Ene, Managing Director of Chapter 4, one of the most successful Public Affairs, Corporate Communications, Employer Branding and Brand PR in Romania, she mentioned “I gladly noticed on my latest visit to Iasi an extremely high level of employer branding activities (Ed. Employer branding = a cumulation of attributes and qualities of an employer which differentiate it by its culture). Due to the high demand of employees on the market, companies have developed innovative campaigns which any European employer would boast about. I’m glad to see that in Iasi, the huge benefit of such campaigns has pushed employers to develop very creative hiring campaigns. ‘’

A durable and long-term solution for the lack of sufficient employees in the industry however is the establishment of public-private partnerships focused on the high-level training of a much larger number of students and also on keeping them in Iasi by offering them higher living standards.

Required Improvements

As mentioned above, a soft spot in the development of this industry is the tendency of IT specialists in the N-E region to migrate to other more developed countries or regions in Romania, however, the creation of an entrepreneurship environment and the focus on attracting higher added value outsourcing services can allow companies to attract and keep talented people in the region.

One of the weak points that further slow down the development of this area is the lack of infrastructure in the north-eastern part of the country, which prevents the access of potential international partners, investors or clients there. A telling example is the limited number of flights from Iasi to Bucharest, Europe and connections with the rest of the world. That is why, through the new routes offered from and to Iasi with Blue Air, we would like to offer several such possibilities and to actively help in developing this high potential area.


IT entrepreneurship should be stimulated in Iasi by public and private measures and the increased added value of the IT outsourcing services here will lead to the sustainable development of this sector. A strong community is essential for attracting investors and for the consolidation of the IT industry and not by chance, the strongest and most vibrant IT communities in the country, Codecamp,  has been created here. – interviu cu Adrian Iftene, decan al Facultății de Informatică Iași

Adrian Iftene ZF1

Fragmente din articolul realizat de Adelina Mihai si publicat pe prima pagina din editia tiparita a Ziarului Financiar de astazi (30.06.2017).

„În total, în toţi anii de studiu de la ciclurile de licenţă şi de masterat studiază undeva în jur de 1.500 – 1.600 de studenţi. Pentru toţi aceşti studenţi noi avem doar 40 de profesori titulari. O soluţie pentru creşterea numărului de studenţi ar fi să angajăm mai mulţi profesori, lucru care este foarte greu, pentru că un absolvent care alege să rămână în sistemul de învăţământ câştigă un salariu de 5- 6 ori mai mic decât unul care se duce în privat într-o companie IT“ – a spus Adrian Iftene, decanul Facultăţii de Informatică din cadrul Universităţii Alexandru Ioan Cuza (UAIC) din Iaşi.

Relatia cu companiile

În 2012 se întâmpla ca firmele să angajeze studenţii din anul I, peste tot în facultate erau anunţuri de angajare. Atunci, un grup de oameni de afaceri locali, printre care se află Dan Zaharia (Extind – consultanţă imobiliară) şi Andrei Postolache (fost director la compania IT Endava), au organizat o serie de întâlniri cu participanţi din mediul academic şi din companii.

La prima întâlnire ne-am certat cu toţii: noi că avem sălile de curs goale pentru  că angajează studenţii, ei pentru că nu avem studenţi bine pregătiţi, dar care nu aveau timp să se pregătească pentru că munceau. Situaţia s-a schimbat în prezent, acum firmele aşteaptă ca studenţii să termine anii I şi II de facultate înainte să îi angajeze şi le oferă programe flexibile, astfel încât să aibă timp să vină şi la facultate.

De 3 sau 4 ani avem o zonă de cursuri opţionale dezvoltate cu ajutorul companiilor IT din Iaşi, astfel că firme precum Centric IT ne ajută pe partea de .NET şi cloud, Continental pe partea de Multimedia, Amazon pe zona de cloud sau Bitdefender pe zona de malware şi Python.

Companiile se implică în astfel de iniţiative, dar este complicat pe partea de legalitate, pentru că angajaţii care predau au nevoie de doctorat. De aceea, încurajăm companiile să îşi trimită angajaţii la doctorat ca să fie mai uşor să predea ulterior, pentru că altfel este o procedură complicată care de cele mai multe ori nu se încheie cu succes.

Sunt foarte multe companii cu care colaborăm, avem deja 4 laboratoare recondiţionate şi dotate cu aparatură de companii (Gemini CAD Systems, Amazon, Aquasoft şi Bitdefender) şi mai suntem în discuţii cu companiile (printre care se află Levi9 sau Centric IT) pentru încă 3 laboratoare.

Migratia absolventilor

În prezent, absolvenţii noştri nu mai sunt tentaţi să plece din Iaşi, mai mult de jumătate rămân în oraş după absolvire, pentru că au multe oportunităţi de carieră. În trecut, majoritatea plecau în Cluj, Bucureşti sau în Timişoara, noi îi produceam, dar contribuiam la creşterea altor oraşe.

În fiecare an, facultatea noastră împreună cu cea de calculatoare şi cea de informatică economică produc în jur de 1.000 de absolvenţi pe an. Dacă 800 de absolvenţi rămân în Iaşi după absolvire, în 10 ani numărul angajaţilor din IT din Iaşi va creşte semnificativ şi se va vedea şi în economia oraşului.


Articolul integral il puteti citi pe sau in editia tiparita a Ziarului Financiar din 30.06.2017

IASI: One plus One equals Nine, LeviNine

Levi9 relocates office to central business center of Iasi, facilitating turbulent growth and creating a great workplace for the LeviNiners.

Levi9 will open its new Iasi office at Sandru Office (Iasi, Soseaua Nationala 31). The new office will be a modern, open and attractive working environment for the 150 employees and facilitate the expected growth to 300 IT professionals in the coming two years.

„As one of the leading IT companies in the region, Levi9 has decided to upgrade its offices in a modern location. This way, they are positioning themselves in the heart of IT community with a more visible impact on its development.”
Dan Zaharia, Real-Estate Senior Consultant, EXTIND, Iasi.

Iasi has developed itself as a strong IT center within Romania recognized by many IT companies. Levi9 started it’s Iasi business in 2007 and built a solid and profitable organization of 150 IT professionals. To support the fast growth of Levi9 the company decided to expand the Iasi team to 300 professionals in the coming two years to meet the demands of existing and future projects.

The company provides services for international clients in the fields of traffic and transport, digital marketing and media, fintech, software services, retail and e-commerce. Levi9 is continuously looking for talented Java, Scala, .Net, Testers, BI Devs, DevOps, System Administrators etc.

The new office is close to the city center and will contribute to a solid positioning of the company on the IT market in Iasi. The new office has an area of 1500 square meters and the interior facilitates the agile way of working that is used by most of the clients when creating business software.

Anca Dumitriu has announced that Levi9 will fully refurbished in the followings months a new IT laboratory for the students of the Faculty of Computer Science from „Al.I.Cuza” University of Iasi.

„To support the turbulent growth of Levi9 we created a new, well situated and inspiring working environment for our employees. The open workspaces support our culture of transparency, collaboration and fun. Happy people for happy customers.”
Anca Dumitriu, Levi9 Country Manager, Iasi.

In 1994 the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 collided with Jupiter. Changing space forever. This event inspired the founders of Levi9, Menno de Jong and the Dutch Royal Prince Bernhard van Oranje. Their persuasion was that in our time, in our space, technology will make the world go round. Inspired by Shoemaker-Levy 9 they wanted to make impact. Impact on the business of their customers.

In April 2003 Menno and Bernhard, together with a trusted group of tech lovers in Serbia started Levi9. An IT services company, born to make impact that now delivers IT solutions that have a direct impact on the revenue generation of its customers. The company focuses on industries that experience strong digital disruption. The most Levi9 clients are active in the markets Traffic & Transport, Digital Marketing & Media, E-Retail, Fin-Tech, Software Services.

The Levi9 headquarter is located in Amsterdam and has 6 delivery centers in Romania, Serbia and Ukraine. In 2017 the company will have 900 employees. Although growth is not a goal on its own, the organization has an average yearly growth of more than 30% for the last three years. Growth is embraced to support the professional career opportunities for the Levi Niners, impacting the lives of their employees just as they want to impact the business of their customers through IT.

Conferinta GSMAC 2017 – Oradea


La invitatia lui Sebastian Vaduva, am onoarea sa particip ca speaker la Oradea pe 11 mai 2017 la Conferința Internaționala a Facultății de Management Griffiths din cadrul Universității Emanuel din Oradea.

În acest an conferința #GSMAC2017 este dedicată subiectului “Civil Society: The Engine for Economic and Social Well-Being” si va aduce împreună speakeri din mediului de afaceri, reprezentanți ai societăţii civile, ai administraţiei publice și ai mediului educațional din România, Europa și SUA.

Ca în fiecare an conferința va aduce împreună speakeri din mediului de afaceri, reprezentanți ai societăţii civile, ai administraţiei publice și ai mediului educațional din România, Europa și Statele Unite ale Americii.

  • Robert Williams – Președinte al Băncii regionale Opelika-Auburn, Alabama
  • Sebastian Văduva – Director al Griffiths School of Management
  • Harald Jung – Președinte al Institutului Heidelberg pentru Leadership și Studii Internaționale
  • Dan Zaharia – Consultant senior Extind, promotor al industriei IT & Outsourcing
  • Glendene Lemard-Marlow – Director al Programului de Business în cadrul Colegiului de Administrare a Sănătății  și Studii Profesionale, Concordia University Texas
  • Cătălin Popa –  Președinte executiv al Fundației Comunitare Oradea și Director Executiv al Decitex RO
  • Nicolae Pop – Decan al Facultății de Administrare a Afacerilor și Director al MBA-ului Româno-German din cadrul A.S.E București
  • Randolph Wilt – Director al Programului de Management și HR în cadrul Concordia University of Texas
  • Ovidiu Neamțu – Fondator al 11even și al Programului „Creatori de viitor”
  • Lucas Wehner – Consultant în cadrul Institutului Heidelberg pentru Leadership și Studii Internaționale

Acești invitați vor susține discursuri pe tema conferinței, încercând să răspundă la întrebări, precum:

  • Care este contribuția societăților civile la bunăstarea economică și socială?
  • Care este rolul agenților economici în reglarea mediului de afaceri?
  • Cum pot economiile aflate în creștere să amplifice rolul organizațiilor non-guvernamentale în bunăstarea economică și socială?
  • În ce măsură și la ce nivel de organizare (naţională, regională, locală) se pot implica actorii neguvernamentali astfel încât să stimuleze dezvoltarea economică și socială?

Mai multe detalii pe