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IASI – well represented at European level in the Outsourcing industry

nominalizare CEEOA2018_FabLab

The city of IASI, CONDUENT and FAB LAB IASI  are nominees in the CEE Shared Services and Outsourcing Awards Gala, which will take place in Poland, Warsaw between 31st of January and 1st of February 2018.

The city of IASI is nominee in the section of “Emerging City of the Year – CEE (ex-Poland)”. The organizers of the gala have invited the Mr. Mihai Chirica, the Mayor of IASI, to be part of the jury and will also have the occasion to present in a special session the key attraction points of Iasi in front of the biggest players of the European IT & Outsourcing industry.

CONDUENT (, one of the region’s largest employers in this field, is nominee in both “BPO firm of the year – CEE” category and “Top Employer Branding Initiative” category, with the locations from IASI, Romania and LODZ, Poland.

Also, the FAB LAB IASI project ( ), the biggest coworking space in the region  is a nominee in the category of “Best University – Business cooperation of the Year” for the partnership with “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi.

We want to emphasize some of the Romanian nominations at this gala besides the above three: Allianz Technology – Actuarial Support Center (Most unique services provider – CEE), SSC Heroes with operations in Hungary, Poland and Romania (Top Recruitment Firm of the Year).

PIN Magazine, the magazine of the regional IT & Outsourcing industry ( is an event media partner and will cover this event for Romania.

CEE Shared Services and Outsourcing Awards Gala is at the 6th edition and will have as audience around 300 opinion leaders, with more than 50 being international firms interested in setting up or expanding their business services centres in central Europe. The awards gala will be preceded by a half-day Summit of discussion panels covering the shared services and outsourcing sector; break-out sessions with deep insights into specific issues driving the sector.

With both local and international media organizations present, the CEE Shared Services and Outsourcing Awards Gala also promotes the CEE region as a world-class business services destination for global companies operating across Europe, North America and Asia.

Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) is well-established as a world-class destination for Shared Services centres and BPO investment. With Poland the strongest location in the region, other countries such as Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Lithuania and Latvia are important investment destinations. Global shared services firms, business services projects and sector professionals will be presented with awards of acknowledgment – by an independent jury from the industry – for their contribution to the development of the business services sector in CEE for 2017.

More details about the gala on:

Un IASI activ


HIpark mixed-use project in IASI (Romania)

Dacă e să mă uit pe calendarul lunii septembrie, văd un IAȘI reactivat, in conditiile in care inca nu a inceput anul universitar.
  • 21.000 mp de noi birouri moderne anuntate in #HIpark, primul proiect mixt (rezidential + office) din Iasi conceput de la bun inceput in vederea certificarii ca si cladiri verzi
  • 6 septembrie – inaugurarea birourilor 3Pillar Global Romania
  • 7-9 septembrie – Iasi Trophy Rally
  • 8-10 septembrie – Festival La Vie 2017
  • 13 septembrie – extinderea birourilor Endava
  • lansari de noi programe la Scoala Informala de IT – Iasi
  • 20 septembrie – deschiderea oficială a birourilor CRF Health
  • publicarea de noi video-reportaje pe platforma Birouri Vii
  • 22 septembrie – evenimentul exclusivist Gemini Summer Log Out
  • lansarea nr. 6 din #PINmagazine, revista industriei regionale de IT & Outsourcing
  • inaugurarea Fab Lab Iasi, laborator de antreprenoriat, transfer de cunostinte, spatiu de conferinte si coworking
  • 29 septembrie – deschiderea a trei laboratoare noi la Facultatea de Informatica cu sprijinul celor de la Levi9 IT Services, Centric IT Solutions Romania si Continental Automotive, Iasi
Urmează o toamnă bogată in evenimente de tehnologie (ex. Codecamp Romania,, TechShift 2017, TechFest Iasi, GDG DevFest Romania 2017), participarea unei delegatii din Iasi la Expo Real Munchen si cel mai probabil anunturi de mari proiecte de birouri care sa hraneasca acest segment in crestere.
Daca vin si la pachet si o legislatie de stimulare a cladirilor verzi in Iasi, noi spatii de conferinte de peste 1.000 de participanti, noi statii de incarcare masini electrice si vesti bune despre dezvoltarea Aeroportului, vom fi stiind deja ca suntem pe un fagas bun de dezvoltare al comunitatii noastre.

IT Business Destination: IASI

Article by Andreea Per published in „be BlueAir” magazine

PIN be BlueAir magazine

Although the Romanian IT market is concentrated in Bucharest, alongside Cluj and Timisoara, Iasi is starting to make a name for itself as an extremely attractive pole for this market. Ziarul de Iasi newspaper published an analysis in which it was stated that the total turnover of IT&O companies present in the city was 465 million euros in 2015.

We wanted to share with you more info on this emerging city so we asked Extind, the creators of PIN Map Iasi ( to help us gather it. PIN Map Iasi is a map that gathers office spaces and noteworthy initiatives in the IT&O local industry (airports, international flights, co-working spaces, conference rooms, etc).

IT Outsourcing

Multinational companies such as Amazon, Xerox, Conduent, Continental, Centric, Capgemini, CRF Health, Endava, GoDaddy, Levi9, Mind Software, Oracle, Preh and many others have chosen to come to Iasi and benefit from the large number of specialists here in order to create software and deliver high quality services at low costs.

“These companies chose Iasi due to a number of factors: a wide talent pool in the research and development area, an open-minded university, local authorities that support investments that slowly turn Iasi into a green city and last but not least, the available stock of modern office buildings”, says Dan Zaharia, senior consultant at Extind.

“The great reputation of the engineers from Iasi and the existence of the international airport were two of the important factors that convinced us to open Preh’s second engineering center in Romania here’’ said Jochen Ehrenberg, director for Product Development and Production at Preh.

Startups and Romanian companies here

We also asked Florin Cardasim, co-founder of the Codecamp community ( to give us a number of examples of succesfull Romanian IT companies here:

  • Romsoft, founded in 2001, develops custom software applications
  • Gemini CAD Systems, a leading global supplier of technology for industries working with soft flexible materials such as textile, composites or leather
  • SABS Software, outsourcing company for software solutions
  • Intelligent Bee, a custom software development company

As for recent start-ups, we wanted to find out from Raluca Apostol, the co-founder of Marionette Studio what is the formula they used going on their own: “Having gathered over 10 years of experience in reputable software companies as employees, we decided, together with Bogdan Apostol and Adrian Pironescu ,  to create an innovative product, an animation browser software and this is how Marionette Studio was born ( As we actually base our product on AI to automate the animation process, we could have started this business anywhere in the world. We decided to do it here, in our hometown.’’  It does look like the standard start-up formula, gather experience somewhere else and then, when good enough, start a business and innovate.

Human Resources 

With 1,100 IT graduates per year, Iasi is placed third in the country alongside Timisoara in respect of the graduate output in the IT industry (after Bucharest and Cluj). However, if we are to refer to the number of graduates in technical fields in general, Iasi is, after Bucharest, the largest training centre  (6,624 in 2015). These are joined in the employment industry by students from other neighboring university cities such as Suceava and Bacau. These numbers, nevertheless, fail to tell the entire story, as we should also mention a significant number of students who, hired during their studies, end up abandoning school and focusing solely on their jobs. If we count those graduating from adjacent fields ( economics, languages etc) and those graduating from professional reconversion schools like the IT Informal School ( ) the annual output adds up to 2800 people.

The relatively large number of students who graduate each year is not enough for the market demand, which has determined employers to compete in offering their prospective employees a wide range of benefits apart from a competitive salary. When we spoke with Raluca Ene, Managing Director of Chapter 4, one of the most successful Public Affairs, Corporate Communications, Employer Branding and Brand PR in Romania, she mentioned “I gladly noticed on my latest visit to Iasi an extremely high level of employer branding activities (Ed. Employer branding = a cumulation of attributes and qualities of an employer which differentiate it by its culture). Due to the high demand of employees on the market, companies have developed innovative campaigns which any European employer would boast about. I’m glad to see that in Iasi, the huge benefit of such campaigns has pushed employers to develop very creative hiring campaigns. ‘’

A durable and long-term solution for the lack of sufficient employees in the industry however is the establishment of public-private partnerships focused on the high-level training of a much larger number of students and also on keeping them in Iasi by offering them higher living standards.

Required Improvements

As mentioned above, a soft spot in the development of this industry is the tendency of IT specialists in the N-E region to migrate to other more developed countries or regions in Romania, however, the creation of an entrepreneurship environment and the focus on attracting higher added value outsourcing services can allow companies to attract and keep talented people in the region.

One of the weak points that further slow down the development of this area is the lack of infrastructure in the north-eastern part of the country, which prevents the access of potential international partners, investors or clients there. A telling example is the limited number of flights from Iasi to Bucharest, Europe and connections with the rest of the world. That is why, through the new routes offered from and to Iasi with Blue Air, we would like to offer several such possibilities and to actively help in developing this high potential area.


IT entrepreneurship should be stimulated in Iasi by public and private measures and the increased added value of the IT outsourcing services here will lead to the sustainable development of this sector. A strong community is essential for attracting investors and for the consolidation of the IT industry and not by chance, the strongest and most vibrant IT communities in the country, Codecamp,  has been created here.

IASI: 16.400 angajati in IT & Outsourcing


Articol publicat de Diego Ciobotaru in Ziarul de Iasi.

Circa 16.400 de salariaţi lucrează astăzi în industria IT & Outsourcing din Iasi, in crestere cu circa 30% fata de perioada anterioara, potrivit unei analize realizate de „Ziarul de Iaşi“ în colaborare cu Camera de Comerţ şi Industrie, Facultatea de Geografie a Universităţii „Al.I. Cuza“, şi companiile Extind, Wiron şi Train2Perform.

În condiţiile în care universităţile nu au reuşit să crească cifra de şcolarizare, fluxul de noi angajaţi este alimentat de iniţiative de reconversie profesională cum ar fi Şcoala Informală de IT. De asemenea, asistăm la o creştere a conferinţelor pe tehnologii moderne care cresc notorietatea oraşului în rândul specialiştilor din domeniul IT şi Outsourcing, dar şi în rândul tinerilor din regiune care sunt în proces de alegere a viitoarei cariere.

Această creştere robustă a numărului de angajaţi în industria IT şi Outsourcing pune multă presiune pe dezvoltatorii actuali de clădiri de birouri din Iaşi şi va genera interes pentru fonduri de investiţii externe. Deja clădirile moderne de birouri se află într-o zonă periculoasă, cu un grad de ocupare de 98-100%, spre exemplu United Business Center – Palas, Tester Park, Şandru Office sau Moldova Center.

Marile companii IT nu mai acceptă un standard de tip «merge şi aşa» pentru a lua în calcul relocări sau deschideri de noi locaţii. Vor fi atractive doar clădirile de birouri proiectate după standarde internaţionale de clădiri verzi, cu un mix de funcţiuni la parter – restaurant, after-school, sală de fitnes etc. – plus dotările normale pentru clasa A de birouri: suprafaţă de minimum 1.000 de metri pătraţi pe nivel, podea tehnologică înălţată, sistem HVAC cu aport aer proaspăt, generator şi alte alternative de alimentare cu energie electrică, locuri de parcare suficiente.

Conform hartii realizate de catre echipa #PINMaps, in Iasi exista 4 spatii de co-working existente, iar, in plus, in aceasta toamna se va inaugura un spatiu modern afiliat FAB LAB, o rețea globală de laboratoare create cu scopul facilitării inovației si a fabricației digitale. Pe baza unui concept realizat de echipa de arhitecti Miolk, spațiul polivalent #FabLabIasi va oferi pe o suprafață de peste 700 mp scenarii de folosire flexibilă (zone de demonstrații / concursuri, co-working, makerspace, săli de cursuri și video / conferințe, birouri dedicate) și va funcționa ca o platformă independentă adresată comunității tehnice din Iași.

IASI: One plus One equals Nine, LeviNine

Levi9 relocates office to central business center of Iasi, facilitating turbulent growth and creating a great workplace for the LeviNiners.

Levi9 will open its new Iasi office at Sandru Office (Iasi, Soseaua Nationala 31). The new office will be a modern, open and attractive working environment for the 150 employees and facilitate the expected growth to 300 IT professionals in the coming two years.

„As one of the leading IT companies in the region, Levi9 has decided to upgrade its offices in a modern location. This way, they are positioning themselves in the heart of IT community with a more visible impact on its development.”
Dan Zaharia, Real-Estate Senior Consultant, EXTIND, Iasi.

Iasi has developed itself as a strong IT center within Romania recognized by many IT companies. Levi9 started it’s Iasi business in 2007 and built a solid and profitable organization of 150 IT professionals. To support the fast growth of Levi9 the company decided to expand the Iasi team to 300 professionals in the coming two years to meet the demands of existing and future projects.

The company provides services for international clients in the fields of traffic and transport, digital marketing and media, fintech, software services, retail and e-commerce. Levi9 is continuously looking for talented Java, Scala, .Net, Testers, BI Devs, DevOps, System Administrators etc.

The new office is close to the city center and will contribute to a solid positioning of the company on the IT market in Iasi. The new office has an area of 1500 square meters and the interior facilitates the agile way of working that is used by most of the clients when creating business software.

Anca Dumitriu has announced that Levi9 will fully refurbished in the followings months a new IT laboratory for the students of the Faculty of Computer Science from „Al.I.Cuza” University of Iasi.

„To support the turbulent growth of Levi9 we created a new, well situated and inspiring working environment for our employees. The open workspaces support our culture of transparency, collaboration and fun. Happy people for happy customers.”
Anca Dumitriu, Levi9 Country Manager, Iasi.

In 1994 the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 collided with Jupiter. Changing space forever. This event inspired the founders of Levi9, Menno de Jong and the Dutch Royal Prince Bernhard van Oranje. Their persuasion was that in our time, in our space, technology will make the world go round. Inspired by Shoemaker-Levy 9 they wanted to make impact. Impact on the business of their customers.

In April 2003 Menno and Bernhard, together with a trusted group of tech lovers in Serbia started Levi9. An IT services company, born to make impact that now delivers IT solutions that have a direct impact on the revenue generation of its customers. The company focuses on industries that experience strong digital disruption. The most Levi9 clients are active in the markets Traffic & Transport, Digital Marketing & Media, E-Retail, Fin-Tech, Software Services.

The Levi9 headquarter is located in Amsterdam and has 6 delivery centers in Romania, Serbia and Ukraine. In 2017 the company will have 900 employees. Although growth is not a goal on its own, the organization has an average yearly growth of more than 30% for the last three years. Growth is embraced to support the professional career opportunities for the Levi Niners, impacting the lives of their employees just as they want to impact the business of their customers through IT.

PINmagazine nr. 5 – Inițiative care contează

PINmagazine numarul 5

Joi, 15 mai 2017 in cadrul unei conferințe organizate la Facultatea de Informatică din cadrul Universității “Al.I.Cuza” Iași a fost lansat nr. 5 din, revista industriei regionale de IT & Outsourcing. Un număr consistent si variat în care oamenii din industrie vor afla noutati despre alții ca ei, iar cei din afara industriei vor mai intelege incă un pic din acest fenomen cu o dezvoltare unică in istoria economica modernă a Romaniei – industria IT & Outsourcing

Conform lui Dan RADU, editor al revistei, numărul 5 al PINmagazine vine cu o mare noutate – aria de subiecte a publicației, de contributori, de interes si de distribuție se extinde si la Cluj-Napoca. Chiar daca revista a avut și până acum semnatari din Bucuresti sau Timisoara, nu a abordat în mod sistematic subiecte regionale – legate de fenomene, evolutii, antreprenori – din afara Moldovei, PINmagazine face cu această apariție un pas spre ceea ce va deveni in cele din urmă – o publicație natională a industriei de IT & Outsourcing, de interes atât pentru membrii domeniului cât si pentru cei din exteriorul fenomenului.

PIN Map Next City is Cluj

In PINmagazine numărul 5 puteți afla cum o firmă clujeană lucrează deja cu retele neuronale (Recognos), cum funcționează un accelerator de business foarte dinamic (Risky Business) și de cine sunt indrumati micii antreprenori către solutiile de care au nevoie (Cluj Startups).

Miezul publicatie este oferit de un cover-story pe tema comertului electronic din Romania, cu interventiile vizionare ale lui Antonio ERAM (MobilPay), cu predictiile lui Florinel CHIS, directorul executiv al asociatiilor magazinelor online si cu un antreprenor foarte indraznet si hotarit, Mihai PATRASCU de la evoMAG.

Vă recomandăm interviul cu decanul Facultatii de Informatica din Iasi, Adrian IFTENE, despre ce se intimplă în învățământul IT românesc sau discutia amplă cu Marian (Mike) POPA, Head of Deutsche Bank Global Technolgy, despre birourile inovative si managementul eficient.

Letitia LUCESCU ne spune cum ne fac jocurile de business mai destepti, George ȚURCĂNAȘU despre viitorul birourilor de business din regiune și despre PIN Map Iasi, Dorin CRISTEA de la Romsoft despre cum a pornit el o firmă de software în anii cind minerii făceau ordine pe la Bucuresti.

Conferința de lansare a fost o oportunitate de discuție cu cei peste 50 de studenți si profesori invitați despre noile tendințe in industria IT din regiune cu lideri de opinie relevanți: Emanuel MARTONCA (Thinslices), Dorin CRISTEA (RomSoft), Sebastian ARHIRE (Train to Perform), Elena SERBAN (Facultatea de Automatică și Calculatoare), Adrian IFTENE si Alboaie LENUTA (Facultatea de Informatică), Bogdan CHEBAC (Scoala Informala de IT – Iasi), Adrian MIRONESCU și George ȚURCĂNAȘU (PIN Map Iasi), Cristian NISTOR (Conduent Call Centers Romania), Irina CRĂCIUN (Ness Digital Engineering Iasi), Alina POPA (Euronest ICT Cluster) si Bogdan ALECU (Levi9 Iasi). apare la Iaşi, trimestrial, într-un tiraj de 1.000 exemplare şi se distribuie în toată ţară, fiind o publicaţie scrisă în întregime de personalităţi şi vectori de opinie din industria digitală. Poziţionată ca o platformă de informare, analize de fenomen şi schimb de idei din miezul celei mai dinamice ramuri economice din istoria României, revista este prezentă şi online pe

Initiatorii acestui proiect sunt Dan ZAHARIA, senior consultant la Extind, cu o experiență de peste 15 ani în management, vânzări și dezvoltare imobiliară si Dan RADU,  managerul Eurolink Promotion, cu o experiență de peste 20 ani in mass-media si dezvoltare de proiecte.

Revista poate fi răsfoită aici.

Nr. 5 din revista PINmagazine apare în două săptămâni

evantai 5 PINmagazine-01

În două săptămâni apare noul număr din #PINmagazine (nr.5), revista industriei regionale de IT & Outsourcing, cu cover-story despre comertul online, interviu cu Marian (Mike) Popa (director DB Global Technology) si reportaje de la diverse conferințe de specialitate din Iași, Cluj și București.

Mulțumim partenerilor Centric IT Solutions Romania, Levi9 Iasi, Conduent Call Centers Romania, Wiron și Continental Automotive, Iasi pentru sprijinul acordat, precum și companiilor care ,i-au făcut deja abonamente corporate.