Ecosistemul antreprenorial

The Family entrepreneurial key ingredients

Citeam zilele trecute in ZF un nou articol despre orasul din Romania auto-declarat ca viitorul Silicon Valley al regiunii.

Dupa o scurta discutie cu Marius Ursache despre cat de mult PR e in spatele unui astfel de enunt, primesc de la el un link catre o analiza a ecosistemului antreprenorial si despre motivele pentru care modelul Silicon Valley e greu de replicat.

Asa ca mi-am dedicat o ora si doua cafele in aceasta dimineata sa citesc acest articol si studiile de caz prezentate.

FRANTA: A playground economy (know-how + rebellion) turning into a contractor economy (know-how only)

„Almost every French startup aims at becoming the next Google and ends up becoming a small IT service business or Web agency. It’s OK, it pays the bills, but margins are thin and it doesn’t scale—at all. In France, no one mixes up the three ingredients. Capitalists, engineers and rebels are there, but they don’t live in the same world and are often openly defiant towards one another.”

INDIA: Know-how only = contractor economy.

” This is what India did for a long time (less and less so though): selling IT engineering work to clients in developed countries. The contractor economy is characterized by narrow margins (revealed by cost-plus, non-scalable business models), thus it doesn’t contribute much to economic development.”

ISRAEL: A playground economy turning into an entrepreneurial economy.

„The Yozma program helped launch a very dynamic local venture capital ecosystem, even though traditional small businesses still had difficulties accessing capital in the Israeli banking system. As a result, the Israeli entrepreneurial economy now attracts most of the know-how and diminishes the contractor part of the economy: contrary to their Indian (or French) counterparts, Israeli engineers work for Israeli startups (and the American tech companies that buy them) instead of working as contractors for foreign clients.

Bineinteles ca articolul se focuseaza pe SUA si pe Silicon Valley dar scoate in evidenta perioada lunga si mixul de factori care au dus la acest model de succes, care inspira inca multe campanii de tipul „orasul X, noul Silicon Valley”.


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