The ITC Market in Cernăuți, only 200 km away from Iași

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I will start right away with the conclusion: I consider a visit to Cernăuți should be mandatory in the agenda of every HR Manager, Delivery Manager, Site Manager in the ITC companies in Iași.

Before the development of the Economic Mission Cernăuți 2015, I knew little of the talent pool in the region Chernivtsi, that has a total population of about 2 million people, and about the office market in Kiev.

With the help of Centric IT Solutions Romania and Ness SES we succeeded in bringing Mr. Varujan Pambuccian as a main speaker, a member of the IT and Technology committee in the Deputy Chamber.

The annual pipeline is around 400-500 graduates, that are relevant for the ITC industry:

  • University of Bucovina –  Faculty of Computer and Technology Systems
  • The Public University of Economy and Finance Bucovina – Accounting Economy Departament, specialty – Computer Science
  • Polytechnic College Cernăuți – Development Department – specialized software development
  • The Institute of Commerce and Economy Cernăuți – KNTEU – Faculty of Business and Information Technology – Faculty of Economic Cybernetics and Software Engineering
  • The Industrial College Cernăuți –  Software Development, programmer
  • National Technical University „Kharkiv Institutul Politehnic” Cernăuți – Faculty of Engineering, Computers.
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

I discovered an effervescent city with polite people, with a historical center mostly rebuilt („The Small Vienna”), which has been attested for over 600 years in the same document as the city IAȘI, boasting a building of the National University, that can stand its ground architecturally next to the big universities of Western Europe.

A relevant example for the regional IT industry is Horizont Business Hub, a concept of office-sharing in the center of the city, which hosts on a surface of 400 square meters around 80 start-ups and self-employed entrepreneurs, as well as many specialised conferences.

A market research offered generously by Mr. George Zvirid  reveals a timestamp of the ITC community in the region, a community that is formed of 43 companies and 700 members that is only at the beginning, exactly like the ITC community in Iași was 7-10 years ago.

I see many opportunities for the ITC industry in Romania correlated with this community situated only 200km away from Iași:

  • common conferences of the ITC industry in Iași and Cernăuți
  • a better presence of the universities in Iași that have foreign languages specializations (English, German)
  • job fairs at Cernăuți, because presently over 50%of the graduates are oriented towards other big cities in Ucraine (Lyov, Kiev) or Poland (Cracow)
  • raising of the awareness of the city IAȘI in the ITC students and employees community

So, following this economic mission impeccably organized by the team of Marius Alexa at Arhipelago, a few what-if questions remain:

  1. What if we can attract annually 100-200 new IT employees from the Chernivtsi region towards Iași?
  2. What if we can attract 40-50 students from there towards the specialty faculties in Iași?
  3. What if we can easily externalize the operations towards the ITC companies in Cernăuți?

Of course, it will not be easy: what is needed is a rethinking of the attraction sphere of the city IAȘI, adapting the legislation in the work field, to obtain faster residency and labor rights in ITC, ambassadors of the industry and the academic environment in IAȘI.

Probably those who know me well will see and promptly support my future initiatives to obtain concrete answers to these questions until the next Power L@unch conference.

translation realized by Cristiana Grigoriu.


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